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The Lead Role
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Each of Us Thinks Our Role is the Lead's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
10:22 pm
Name: Ama Munchaussen. Pronounced "OH-ma...MUN-chow-sen"

Age/Birthday: 26. November 20th.

Location: Earth.

Hobbies: Scaring people. Pen-paling.

Favourite movies: Back to the Future, Stacy, Battle Royale, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Pippi Longstockings, Tank Girl, Wet Hot American Summer, The Harry Potter Saga

Favourite television shows: Daria, Lizzie McGuire, Eerie Indiana, LazyTown, Farscape

Favourite music: Takako Minekawa, Hooverphonic, Goldfrapp, Trespassers William, Bent, Jejune, Tracy and the Plastics

Favourite foods/drinks: sushi, pizza, soda, water, tea, pasta, rice, yummies.

Favourite books: Too many to recount.
8:03 pm
Mopping the Floor
Name: Vince Matthias

Age/Birthday: 26. I escaped that wretched womb on January 27th.

Location: in a London library, currently

Hobbies: throwing parties, gambling, smoking, reading, writing, drinking, and freaking people out with my wild mood swings.

Favourite movies: Fire Walk With Me, Willard, Quills, Lost Highway, Labyrnth, The Crow, Fight Club

Favourite television shows: Aeon Flux, Daria, Forensic shows, Neverwhere, the news

Favourite music: Venetian Snares, Gasman, Iain Ballemy, Squarepusher, Nautilis, Boards of Canada

Favourite foods/drinks: Pasta, wine, cereal, coffee, sandwhich, beer, pizza, whiskey

Favourite books authors: Erich Marie Remarque, Terry Prachett, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Palahniuk, Sam Rosenthal, Aldous Huxley, Charles Bukowski, JK Rowling, Charles Robert Maturin, Irvine Welsh
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
1:55 am
Opening the Floor
Name: Fawndolyn Valentine

Age/Birthday: 24 years, as of 24 October

Location: Rochester, NY, USA

Hobbies: painting, doodling, writing, videogames, learning languages, reading, observing people in public...

Favourite movies: Mirrormask, City of Lost Children, Heavenly Creatures, Otesanek, Battle Royale, Stacy, Neverwhere...

Favourite television shows: Aeon Flux, Eerie Indiana, Kim Possible, Daria, Twilight Zone, Law and Order (svu), CSI...

Favourite music: Voltaire, Mr. Bungle, Bjork, Venetian Snares, Gasman, The Pillows, The Pancakes, Iain Ballemy, Yoko Kanno, MC Chris...

Favourite foods/drinks: Anything cajun, pasta, sushi (unagi's my favorite), Thai... I drink mostly water and tea. Sometimes sake, whiskey...

Favourite books: The Night in Lisbon- by Erich Marie Remarque, Party Monster- by James St. James, Neverwhere- by Neil Gaiman, Invisible Monsters- by Chuck Palahniuk, The First Pain to Linger- by Sam Rosenthal, What is Goth / Paint it Black- by Voltaire
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