Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote in theleadrole,
Smilin' Strange

Opening the Floor

Name: Fawndolyn Valentine

Age/Birthday: 24 years, as of 24 October

Location: Rochester, NY, USA

Hobbies: painting, doodling, writing, videogames, learning languages, reading, observing people in public...

Favourite movies: Mirrormask, City of Lost Children, Heavenly Creatures, Otesanek, Battle Royale, Stacy, Neverwhere...

Favourite television shows: Aeon Flux, Eerie Indiana, Kim Possible, Daria, Twilight Zone, Law and Order (svu), CSI...

Favourite music: Voltaire, Mr. Bungle, Bjork, Venetian Snares, Gasman, The Pillows, The Pancakes, Iain Ballemy, Yoko Kanno, MC Chris...

Favourite foods/drinks: Anything cajun, pasta, sushi (unagi's my favorite), Thai... I drink mostly water and tea. Sometimes sake, whiskey...

Favourite books: The Night in Lisbon- by Erich Marie Remarque, Party Monster- by James St. James, Neverwhere- by Neil Gaiman, Invisible Monsters- by Chuck Palahniuk, The First Pain to Linger- by Sam Rosenthal, What is Goth / Paint it Black- by Voltaire
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